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Woman in sport bra having a hip pain _ Rheumatoid (In Black and White Tone with Red Mark).

Sports Medicine Surgery
Hip Arthroscopy
Hip Preservation Surgery

About Dr. Scott


Dr. Elizabeth Scott is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Duke Sports Medicine specializing in Hip Preservation Surgery. 

Dr. Scott has provided musculoskeletal care for athletes of all ages and levels including high school, college, and professional sports. She also has specialized experience in dance medicine and enjoys seeing artistic athletes of all levels. 

She has chosen to focus her career on providing cutting-edge, high quality care to active patients of all ages with hip pain through hip arthroscopy and other hip preserving procedures.

Dr. Scott is an active member of several professional organizations serving on multiple committees, and an active researcher looking to improve our knowledge of conditions like hip impingement, instability and dysplasia.

Areas of Expertise

Hip Impingement (FAI)

Hamstring Injury

Labral Tear

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