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5 Helpful Items following Hip Surgery

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Here are some additional items you may want to consider purchasing prior to your hip surgery with Dr. Scott. Many of these items can be found either in your local medical supply store or can be purchased online.


1.Toilet Raiser

Make trips to the bathroom both safer and more comfortable with a toilet raiser, ideally with handles. The elevated height will help extend the hip and reduce the discomfort of sitting, and the handles will allow you to push yourself up safely off the toilet without putting weight through your operative leg. This is especially important for patients who have undergone surgery on both sides of the hip at the same time (bilateral) who need to protect a repair in both hips.


2. Reacher/Grabber

For patients who have limited help at home a reacher/grabber can make be helpful the first few weeks after surgery. A sock dropped on the floor, extra pillow or the TV remote on the other side of the couch will be easier to retrieve using a tool like this. Those with full time help of a friend or relative may find it unnecessary.


3. Tray with Legs

Working from home or using your laptop will be more comfortable with a good tray for your bed and/or sofa. Avoid the type that lays directly on your body (without legs) as this may put too much pressure on your hip and cause discomfort. It's also much easier to take ice on and off or use your venous compression unit (VCU) if the desk is not laying directly on the hip. Be sure to test it out BEFORE surgery so you know how the legs work and you don't end up with a pile of items in your lap.


4. Comfortable, Loose Pants

Buy or borrow 2 or 3 pairs of comfortable, loose athletic or lounge style pants if you do not already own these. For the first couple days after surgery you may have a bulky gauze dressing in place that will not fit under formfitting pants. Even after it is removed, trying to pull up tight yoga pants can be difficult and may take the help of a family member until you can comfortably bend over to dress yourself. Make the process easier by wearing loose pants with a simple waistband.


5. Waterproof Band-Aids

Until your stitches are removed at your two week postoperative clinic visit you will need to keep the surgical incisions clean and dry. In order to do this you will need to cover each incision with a Band-Aid that is fully waterproof with sealed edges.

The Band-Aids should be applied before you get in the shower and removed once you get out and dry off. Keep the Band-Aids in the bathroom so the process is quick and easy.



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